"Jensen" Smoky Quartz Point

"Jensen" Smoky Quartz Point


Smoky Quartz is an incredibly powerful tool for energy transmutation. It has the ability to drive negative energies down into the earth for grounding. They are fantastic crystals for absorbing negative energy and purifying a space. They are great to be used for meditation as they are highly stabilizing and conscious expanding. Smoky Quartz is a great protection stone and is also a great stone for pain relief in addition to helping to let go of negative energy and fears helping to bring emotional calmness.

This smoky quartz also holds some small rainbow elements in the top of the point. Rainbow quartz crystals are perfect manifestation crystals. Because they carry all of the hues inside of them from the rainbow they stimulate every chakra and in turn every creative level that exists. When rainbows appear in these crystals they also help expand the crystals default properties. In the case of the smoky quartz, the root chakra grounding properties would be expanded to the rest of the chakras covered by that particular rainbows hue spectrum.

Please keep your smokey quartz out of direct sunlight as the sun can have a fading affect on them.

.55 lb

H 4”

W 1.6”

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